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L’an 01, what is IT?


L’An 01 is a co-housing / housing cooperative project, that came to be in July 2014 in the city of Cazères (31). It currently houses 6 adult inhabitants, 2 children, as well as a group of supporting “enthousiasts”.

What is a co-house?

It’s a cooperative of inhabitants, in other words a shared living place, combining common and private spaces. It brings together people who share values ​​and a common aspiration to cooperate, pool their resources, and master the design and management of their habitat.

To us, this is a political process: to live the strength of cooperation, to promote and live by values ​​in our daily life, to control our living conditions, to participate in decision-making, to support and be a part of a community network.

What are our values?

We share the following values:

  • Democracy: ensure the sharing of information, hear and make everyone’s point of view heard, involve everyone in decision-making.
  • Secularism: be committed to openness to the world and respect for others, supporting and fostering critical spirit and emancipation of human beings.
  • Solidarity: be aware of our interdependence as people, help each other, act to reduce inequalities.
  • Eco-citizenship: enable a way of life that respect ecosystems, foster a healthier relationship between consumers and producers.
  • Equality of sexual identities and orientations: fight against gender stereotypes, sexist and homophobic comments and attitudes, foster the possibility for everyone to develop their singular identity.
  • Co-education and intergenerational relationships: take time to train and learn from each other, value and pool the different types of experiences and skills.

Building together a living space that resembles us is a way of bringing these values ​​to life.

How do we work?

Formally, we are partners in a simplified, cooperative, open-ended joint-stock company. This legal form allows us to separate the right to vote from the capital provided and to easily welcome new people. We make our decisions at very regular general meetings, as much as possible through a consensus. For our day-to-day functioning, we rely on information sharing, mutual assistance and cooperation, and the pooling of resources and strengths.


What kind of activities can you find at l’An 01?

L’An01 is a housing before anything else: we are currently very busy renovating our future living spaces, which means lots of construction. At the same time, we are hosting community activities and hopefully cultural ones soon, too. On site there are also three farmers: two seed-to-loaf bakers and a non-till bio market gardener.


How to come visit us ?

Our address is : 48 avenue de St Julien, 31220 Cazères-sur-Garonne, France

The closest big city is Toulouse (45 min) and from there you can take a train (here you can find the time/price for it)

The best is to contact us before, some of us speaks English, a bit of German and a bit of Spanish


E-mail: an01@tila.im